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Shotgun and Cartridge Safety

  • All guns must be in proof and good order.
  • Do not use a faulty or doubtful gun.
  • All guns are to be kept in sleeves at all times, until on stand to shoot.
  • Only carry the correct cartridges for the gauge and chamber of the gun you are using. Never mix the gauges.
  • Check the barrels are free from obstruction before every loading.
  • Blow through or check for light.
  • Keep barrels pointing down the range at all times when loaded.
  • Open and empty immediately after firing.
  • Only point and shoot at targets thrown for you on your command - not other objects, live or inanimate.
  • Keep gun closed for twenty seconds, barrels down the range after a misfire.
  • Check barrels are clear after a soft or unusual discharge.
  • Alcohol and drugs do not mix with guns.
  • You, and only you are responsible for the safe handling of your gun and the behaviour and safety of your guests, and family if they accompany you to a shoot.

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